A Love of a kind

With you i feel I live a romance that is said to be true only in stories
A love of a kind
People say doesn’t happen for real
A love which is not meant  for this century
A love which is bit prehistoric, very little pragmatic, and far too dreamy..

But Who says it doesn’t happen in real?
When this reality stands before me
In flesh and bones, lively and happy.
And definitely not a story
A truth you can touch and feel and breathe..

To me It feels like a fairy tale
I will be telling my little kids
When somebody breaks their heart,
When life teaches them hard
,when love looses its meaning
and when their heart is broken apart

And no matter who their father is..
They will have their Mum telling them her dream like reality
And they will know that no matter what century we exists ..
No matter what generation we belong to..
No matter what part of globe we live in..
Love happens and it is real
And Sometimes it takes one’s whole life
to feel something so powerful  and so  passionate..
But when it happens
It stays with you all your life
Just like your mum.

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