A year ahead

These moving ways
Shows me the direction to light,
When I gaze from far
All I see is a bright shadow
Like a cloud creating its outline.
Hidden behind is the sky
with stars throwing light on me
telling me to come .

As I move
The bright shadow moves too
Playing games with me
Like a little boy in hide and seek
But I am a rebel kid too
I drove with double the speed
Making every steep turn and twirl.
High on noise ignoring my own voice.

As I zapped the roads
I met rebels like me
with similar desires
but new stories
with bright blinking eyes
heading and racing with me
on a roller coaster ride
with turns, twists and breath taking stops.

Some became friends
some never could
some got what they want
Some lost their way
Years will pass by
All what will stay is
moments with friends
and memories with love
the journey never ends
The bright shadow will keep
playing games with me
Because as my wishes grow
shadow will grow too…♥

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