To my dearest fiancee

Made me smile the way

I never knew I could

 Swept me off my feet

like no one ever put up

Made me feel

I thought existed only in fair tales

Embraced me with so much happiness

I still pinch my being

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World through you

You come as a sound of soothing waves to my ears

habitual of listening cries and roars,

You come as ray of hope to my eyes

tired of seeing innocent blood flowing down the drains,

You come as a sweet fragrance to my nose

suffocated with people’s jealousy and loath,

You come as a delicacy to my mouth

familiar of swallowing cruel and painful words,

You come as an unadulterated smile to my face

lost in the ubiquitous fakeness and betrayal,

You come as pat to my back

disfigured with bruises and scars,

You come as helping hand to me

downhearted by the future of life

Thank God, I am blessed to see the world through you.

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Road to Life

Thousands of roads leads to my life

I try different every time

Assuming its right

To finally reach the end

discovering nothing there

And when I turned back

 to see my crossroads

Tears of happiness

fell on my face

as i saw

What I meant by life.

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Let it go

I feel bleeding from my heart

Like somebody stabbed me in disguise

Wounded my soul and left me wandering inside.

My heart chords gone numb

Brain has lost its supplies..

When I try to change my sight

The ocean came my way

I try hard to swim but tides are strong

Swept me down the shore..

My body feels tired

Floating without a lifeguard

I sprawl there for hours

Insensible to the passing waves

I close my eyes

and let it go…

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A Love of a kind

With you i feel I live a romance that is said to be true only in stories
A love of a kind
People say doesn’t happen for real
A love which is not meant  for this century
A love which is bit prehistoric, very little pragmatic, and far too dreamy..

But Who says it doesn’t happen in real?
When this reality stands before me
In flesh and bones, lively and happy.
And definitely not a story
A truth you can touch and feel and breathe..

To me It feels like a fairy tale
I will be telling my little kids
When somebody breaks their heart,
When life teaches them hard
,when love looses its meaning
and when their heart is broken apart

And no matter who their father is..
They will have their Mum telling them her dream like reality
And they will know that no matter what century we exists ..
No matter what generation we belong to..
No matter what part of globe we live in..
Love happens and it is real
And Sometimes it takes one’s whole life
to feel something so powerful  and so  passionate..
But when it happens
It stays with you all your life
Just like your mum.

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Who says?

Who says love hurts?
when love is the one healing your wound
nursing your injuries and comforting you around

Who says love is a waste of time?
when love is the one directing
you to light, your eyes never saw
saving all those years
you would have spent in dark

Who says love needs money?
when all it requires is his arms
snuggling you into his warmth

Who says love makes you weak?
when you stand there as hard as rock,
facing every threat and fighting every evil
as the same person but a whole lot tougher

Who says love happens just once?
when love is like the phoenix
of peace and happiness.
rising from the ashes of pain and anger.

Who says love ends after marriage?
when the very love rebirths itself
wedging into a new shape
only to grow older and wiser.

Who says love is blind?
when love is the lantern
guiding your path
trading his light

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There lies my wish

There lies my wish,
under my pillow
resting and hoping
for santa to bestow,
wrapped in a paper
beautiful it looks
carrying my dream
sealing its hooks.

When lights came back
healed was my heart
and drained was my pain
Stood there was you,
with basket of warmth
and kettle of care,
nurturing a bush.
Closely when i looked
beneath the twigs
There lay my wish
which rested my pillow.

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A year ahead

These moving ways
Shows me the direction to light,
When I gaze from far
All I see is a bright shadow
Like a cloud creating its outline.
Hidden behind is the sky
with stars throwing light on me
telling me to come .

As I move
The bright shadow moves too
Playing games with me
Like a little boy in hide and seek
But I am a rebel kid too
I drove with double the speed
Making every steep turn and twirl.
High on noise ignoring my own voice.

As I zapped the roads
I met rebels like me
with similar desires
but new stories
with bright blinking eyes
heading and racing with me
on a roller coaster ride
with turns, twists and breath taking stops.

Some became friends
some never could
some got what they want
Some lost their way
Years will pass by
All what will stay is
moments with friends
and memories with love
the journey never ends
The bright shadow will keep
playing games with me
Because as my wishes grow
shadow will grow too…♥

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