Who says?

Who says love hurts?
when love is the one healing your wound
nursing your injuries and comforting you around

Who says love is a waste of time?
when love is the one directing
you to light, your eyes never saw
saving all those years
you would have spent in dark

Who says love needs money?
when all it requires is his arms
snuggling you into his warmth

Who says love makes you weak?
when you stand there as hard as rock,
facing every threat and fighting every evil
as the same person but a whole lot tougher

Who says love happens just once?
when love is like the phoenix
of peace and happiness.
rising from the ashes of pain and anger.

Who says love ends after marriage?
when the very love rebirths itself
wedging into a new shape
only to grow older and wiser.

Who says love is blind?
when love is the lantern
guiding your path
trading his light

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